Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Nostalgia Manila

Anybody who spent their childhood in 70's and 80's Manila should...and I mean SHOULD drop by the website, Nostalgia Manila.

Remember Voltes V?
Game and Watch?
Tv Pow?
Cafeteria Aroma?
Rotary phones?
Party lines?


I think I spent an entire day just reading all the entries. It has everything..from pictures of the old QUAD to Weng-Weng videos (I swear...isnt this camp heaven? haha)to articles written by THE Nicholas Stoodley..the site has it all.

I basically grew up in the seventies..when life was much simpler. Weekends meant eating out with my family, then watching a movie. Movie theaters back then were just that...movie theaters. No fancy shmancy DOLBY Stereo, or seats with cup holders. Just a plain movie theater that was divided into 3 levels..orchestra, lodge, and balcony. I never really did understand what the difference was...we were all watching the same movie, werent we??? All I knew at that time was...orchestra was for those with less money, lodge was for the sossy, and balcony was for those who wanted to get it on. Yes, I was young, but heck...i already had a filthy mind.

Popcorn was also... just popcorn. Varied flavors were not an option simply because, at that time...we didnt even know that popcorn could be "flavored." Popcorn with salt..yes, from the big salt container with the word "SALT" written on the blue label. That was the only way we had it.

I miss those days. Sometimes I wish that my son grew up in that era..only for him to appreciate the simpler things in life. Surely, technology has its positive points but you really cant deny the fact that in our constant drive for near-perfection and comfort, we've forgotten how it is to just chill, and take things as they come. We've become too indulgent, too spoiled, and as a result, our kids have become shielded from life's adversities. Everything nowadays is sanitized, user-friendly, bug-free, zipped, delivered, and so on...w/c isnt always a good thing.

So..what's a parent to do?

I did the next best thing and bought a complete set of Voltes V dvds for my son, ofcourse. What better way to appreciate the past than to watch Steve, Big Bert, Little John, Jamie, and Mark go head to head with Prince Zardoz and his Boazanian minions. Things may have changed over the years..but Voltes V will always be the perfect compromise.

Here are some more images from the 70's...

Our favorite Game and Watch ofcourse..Octopus!!

Sigmund The Seamonster

Black rotary phones with the obligatory partyline, crossline, and phonepal

Pong!!! The very first computer game!

Candy Candy and Anthony..every young girl's favorite..and every young boy's well-kept guilty pleasure

And last but not the least...


Aren't you glad you survived the seventies?


Nostalgia Manila said...

Hello there!

Thanks so much for this wonderful review. Because of this, I've linked you back and added you to the Nostalgia Manila Friends List.

Thanks again and continue to spread nostalgia fever!

houseband00 said...

Speaking of bots... =)

NosManila is one helluva funny site, Leeney. Thanks for the link.

Are we sibs, or what? Read my latest. Creepy! =)

leeney said...

Thanks for dropping by, Nostalgia Manila! I loooove your site...so much actually that Ive been spreading it around forums and such. Wow...you owe me a libre, hehe.

Thanks for the add! Feel free to drop by every now and then.

leeney said...

Hi Houseband!
Ganda di ba? I swear..I spent one whole day reading the entries. Fark..Nicholas Stoodley...now that's a name from the past!

I read your latest entry and left a msg. I don't get it..what's so creepy about it? I dont see the ninuninuninu moment.

houseband00 said...

Oh just that we were waxing nostalgic, too.

leeney said...

No, it's not creepy....everybody over 35 waxes nostalgic. That's what old ppl do...convince themselves that they were "all that" when they were younger.Haha.

We've become our parents..remember the neverending line "noong araw, lima singko lang yan!" We've become THAT.

Pero, cheers! Mas magaling pa rin tayo nung bata..alam ba ng mga kids nowadays kung ano ang patotot..and what a tumbang preso is? Hindi nila alam yun! Haha!

Mindy said...

Tagged you! - http://mindy-tv.blogspot.com/2007/06/tagged.html

My game and watch was Parachute...sayang sana I kept it well para kahit ngayon my son can play it. :)

Totoy Time Machine said...

Yeah, kids no longer enjoy creative play. They get all these nifty toys and gadgets and they still sulk, "I'm bored!".

Tayo basta may kalaro lang sa kapit-bahay, masaya na! Patintero, Tubigan, Monkey-Annabel,etc.

Nicholas Stoodley said...

Hi...I AM the blast from the past and jsut saw your blog.

Nicholas Stoodley.


Sara Ancheta said...

Hello! I've been looking for the Nicholas Stoodley boutique since February, been looking online and visited ayala and rustan's where it says in Nostalgia manila it was once located there. I am hoping any of you here can give me tip/idea on where to buy any Nicholas Stoodley products . As in anything I just need to have one that bears it's name and the remarkable red kiss. Thank you and hopeful.