Saturday, 25 May 2013

Starting anew...yet again

Havent touched , nor even visited Blogger since I left it in 2009/2010. Moved my blog to livejournal...then dropped it JUST LIKE THAT. It was just a poorly written blog that was much too much conscious for my taste. I felt like I was writing with an audience in mind. And what the was full of pictures. It was initially called the 365-Day Project...a daily fotoblog...of which the task was to come up with pictures on a daily basis. for 365 days?! Anoba?! As if I am out of my house everyday. The task was too much for me so I could hardly keep up. Fotoblogs r cool....the pics r can easily get nostalgic just by looking at them. But one thing that I miss is writing...writing off the cuff, writing about something and yes, even writing about nothing. Do I start with blogging again? Perhaps. DO i link it up to Facebook? I have no frickin clue. Im guessing ..NOT. So, what's the point of blogging if you have no audience? The point, I guess is to have an have your own little place in the blogosphere to rant, rave, muse, diss, and say whatever you want. Yeah, yeah, online dairy if you wanna be simplistic about it. I go again. First was MySpace, then it was Xanga, then Blogger, then Livejournal....then now Im back to my old Blogger account. Anak ng pating, magdiary na lang kaya ako?!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

New Year, new home

Monday, 16 March 2009

The Piano


This is another piece written by David for his Literacy class. They were asked to do a narrative of the short film, The Piano, by Aidan Gibbons. Here's what he wrote :

The Piano

Here I am, playing the piano. As memories crawl up on me…I feel a sad connection to the past.

My wife had died. Her soul is as beautiful as the first time I had met her. I feel my heart being pulled down as her soothing kiss touched my cheek.

I had remembered the chaotic war that me and my friends had been in. It happened when me and a friend were taking cover behind a wall. He decided to come out and enter the war, but was brutally shot in the heart. He died in my arms as I looked up in the skies, wondering if I will meet him again.

I was instantly brought back to the piano as I remembered the war. A tear ran down my face as I remembered my most thankful memory. It was my birthday. Nobody gave me presents or even greeted me, except my parents. They gave me a wooden horse. I cried in joy. I rode on it for hours until my memory stopped and got me the attention of my grandson.

It’s great to know that you still have a friend after so long.....

Sunday, 16 November 2008

My Magic Box, a poem by David

I just want to share this poem written by David for his Literacy class. There's just one thing I can nowadays are definitely much smarter than we were, back in the day.If my teacher asked me to write a poem at 10 yrs old, Id probably write some idiotic garbage.

The framework of this poem is based on Kit Wright's My Magic Box. The kids just have to come up with their own ideas to make the poem their own.

My Magic Box
By David B.

I will put in the box

The red roses in a raspberry field,
The silver in a gold mine and
The last Dodo on Earth.

I will put in the Box

The feathers of five flaming Phoenixes, A soul from heaven and hell and the last star in the Universe.

I will put in the Box

A golden summer whale on the sapphire sea,
A bird with four legs and a wolf that glides.

I will put in the Box

A scorpion with no stingers but seven claws,
The red scale of a blue dragon and a mother’s last wish before death.

My box is styled with rocks, diamonds and bones. It has steel on the lid and emotions in the corners. It’s hinges are the toes of Ostriches.

I will fly in my box and land in the waters of the calm sea and ride the creatures in it. Then I will move the stars with it.

I will put in the Box

A poem’s end and a Final word:


Sunday, 13 January 2008

The funniest thing ever...

Brought tears to my eyes.
And pee all over my knickers.

Amazing how people can come up with bizarro things like this. Credits go to Townidiot25 for the video and keatonkeaton999 for the techno remix. Also a shout-out to my son David..who found this video from Youtube. David, thank God your sense of humor is as weird as mom's.

Monday, 24 September 2007

I Got a Mindy!

It's actually called a You Make Me Smile Award..and the honor was bestowed upon me by my online buddy, Mindy. this is how it feels to finally win something. NOt that I never won anything in my life..but the accolades have been few and far in between.

The very first award I got was in 2nd grade when I was awarded "Best Girl." For the life of me, I have no clue what this means. Best girl? Best in what? Academics? Behavior? Whatever that award thing's for sure, I mustv kissed some major butt even at a young age. Ha!

In my Master's, Ive had these academic awards..and being an Iskolar ng Bayan, we never had titles like Dean's lister or first honor. We'd be either a college scholar or a university scholar...none of which meant having any scholarships or free tuition. It was a title that, frankly, didnt do us any good. Werent we all Iskolars ng Bayan in UP? So a scholar Iskolar doesnt quite cut it.

My peborit award..well, it's not really an award...more of a narcissistic, ego-pumping that of being chosen as a "muse" for either our class or for the opis. Nyahahaha! HIndi ko pinalagpas eto! Pabayaan nyo na ako magyabang kasi matanda na ako! Hahahahaha! Isa lang ang sagot dyan...."ahhh those were the days!"

So now...I get a Mindy.

I'm so proud for being chosen..only, and ONLY because the acknowldegement came from MIndy..someone I admire for her intelligence and kasiraan ng ulo. See? It's possible to be both geeky and wacky at the same time. At this point in my life, I dont need a lot of validation kasi sa yabang kong ito, eh sobra sobra na. But, really..from the bottom of my bottom, salamat Mindy. You just made my blogging life even more worthwhile.

So..I have to pay it forward eh? To be honest, Im not much of blog-reader. I hop once in a while..and most blogs I read are the very popular ones. So, my list may be a bit of a cliche', I dont even think that these people know I exist.

Anyhoo, here goes:

1. First, I pay it backward to Mindy . Not because she gave me this award but because she really does make me smile. Nope, I dont read her TV blogs..I enjoy reading her entries about her family and whatever mess she's in. She's just fun to make loko with kasi kasing sira ulo ko. We're on the same psychedelic plane, baby.

2. Syempre next si Houseband. My brother who is my kabaliktad in almost everything. He's a sentimental fool while I am the voice of reason. Naks! Parang totoo, hahahaha! He's the nicest person in the of those who can put up with my brattiness and constant whining. Well, he knows Im joking half of the time, so he just lets everything slide..and pretends that I do not exist.

3. Lornadahl....because she can go head to head with Jessica Zafra. One of the few ppl who can. She's smart, funny..and the best part, she has no idea how good she is.

4. fellow Elliott beauty! I love her to death! She writes so well but has her blog in in Friendster, of all places!!! She needs to experience blogging outside the comforts of FRiendster. Friendster is the pits...since ppl who actually know you can read whatever you wanna right...yes, garbage included. Now, back to Che..she can write anything ..from beauty chuchus to family stuff to feelings. She says it like it is.

5. Chuvaness....I love, love Cecile Zamora's blog. My all-time fave! Not because of the writing style...but because, she really does put a smile on my face. She comes up with weird words like chika and tang in a glass..and still manage to sound cool.

6. Jessica's either you love her or you hate her. But geez, how can you hate someone who can rant like that? She's the only one who can make irreverent statements and still get away with it. Sarcasm, I think it's called....and she's got loads of it.

7. Edited to add: Patty Laurel's blog. HOw could I forget this?! One of the few blogs I candid, so real. and so kwek-kwek-free. I see myself in her in some, she's ofcourse, much MORE beautiful than Iam (and sexier!)..I guess it's the attitude towards life, and the self-confidence that's so evident in her blog.

8. Last but not the least..ofcourse, my Dad, Halcyon. Most of the time,when I read his blog... I just scratch my head, look up in the sky and say "what in the world did he mean by that?!" Yes, I feel inferior and bobo beside my Dad. So why is he on my list, then? Ahhh..because I'm so frickin proud of him. He's so smart, so moral, and so everything-a-Dad-should-be. I so love you Dad, that even if I dont understand your blog, you're still my peborit.

Monday, 17 September 2007


My favorite funky white boy, Elliott Yamin, is having a series of mall tours in Manila, Philippines. People who know me well would immediately assume that I would fly back to Manila for this event.

I know...this is one of those things that would surely haunt me in the future. Let's get it over and done with...Im hitting myself already for not making the right decision. So..all together now, boys and girls, let's do a collective "BOO!"

Yes, it's not too late to buy a ticket...BUT...too late to lambing my way to Andy. He finds it downright hehe, baka nagseselos din yun.

To compensate...I'm just doing the best I can and try to promote his mall tour in my own little way. If I were to convince just one nonfan to watch, then my job is done. Actually, come to think of it...IT IS DONE :P My mom...a total nonfan, has promised to swallow her pride and line up...YES...line up for tickets! For those who dont know my mom a.k.a. LA DIVA...she's like, the ultimate donya who never lines up for anything. Her idea of bank transactions is making chika to the bank managers so she can ask them to do the job for her. know the type. We cringe and cower at the type, I KNOW!! But yes..LA DIVA is doing the deed so I owe her boxes and boxes of mooncake, hahaha! Mooncake lang pala :P's the sked of my boy this coming week.

-Activity Center
-September 21, 2007 at 7:00pm

-Activity Center
-September 22, 2007 at 7:00pm

Market! Market!-Activity Center

-September 23, 2007 at 6:00pm

Ayala Center Cebu-OnStage
-September 26, 2007 at 6:00pm

Alabang Town Center-Activity Center-September 28, 2007 at 6:30pm

His CD will also be available in Manila on September 21...the very first day of his mall tour. I have no idea what voodoo they used..but whoever is in charge of Elliott's career is doing a mighty good job. Things were getting bleak in the last few months and it looked like the cd wasnt gonna be released in Pinas...Elliott and company were even planning on bringing their own cds from the US just to please the fans.

Id like to think that the Ayalas have a lot to do with it. Someone from that family is an Elliott fan...a big fan I suppose. If you read the THANK YOU part in E's cd, he thanked the Zobel Im connecting all the metaphorical dots here and have come up with the conclusion that at least one Zobel has been Yaminized. Now, there's at least ONE thing I have in common with them...that, and the fact that I feel like I own Glorietta, judging by the amount of time I spend in that place!

Buy, buy, buy the cd! Great songs...I love 10 songs out of 11. Not bad, not bad at all.